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Powerlifting Resources

Sheiko Bench Routine
High Volume Russian training.

Smolov Squat Routine Calculator
Routine and automatic calculator for more high volume russian madness.

Berry Merriman's Powerlifting Primer
Basic powerlifting info. Somewhat dated, but a good place to start.

Metal Militia Benching
A basic, barebones look at the program. Also, see here for some notes from a Mike Miller seminar.

Louie Simmons Articles
The most complete list of Louie Simmons articles, from his own Westside Barbell webpage.

Deepsquatter's Archives
Tons of good shit here-
1. Beginner articles for strongman and weightlifting
2. Collection of Wade Hanna articles, very good stuff
3. Lots of Westside stuff, including basic primers
4. Ed Coan routines
5. Doug Daniels articles, good basic info

Oldtime Powerlifting Advice-
From American Powerlifting Evolution, articles about improving powerlifts from many legends and superstars of the past- Jim Williams, Paul Anderson, and Doug Hepburn among others.

WJA Shoulder Battery

Weightlifting Resources

The Cable/Bar Guy Site
The departed JV Askem's site. An extensive resource for Weightlifting.

Grip Resources

US Handstrength
The grip competition headquarters. Results and records for all US grip competitions, as well as generally accepted rules for grip competitions.
An excellent beginner resource for all of the basics about grip training.
Excellent steel bending tutorial. Great stuff on different ways to train grip.
Biggest grip site on the net. Many of the best in the game post here.
Another great place for grip info.
Great ideas for home made grip tools. One of the coolest and most innovate pages around.

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