Legendary Stories of the Power and Bulk

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THE EYE OF RA!!!!!!!
The story of Mawr Wallace and his trip to mystical power and the edge of sanity. Written by Shafman.

Sarging the Midge
Sometimes you have to go for the slutty midgets. By Oxenfree.

Stuart McRobert visits the shrink
Stuart confronts the demons of poor genetics in this fictionalized account by Steve Vincent.

The Forbidden Lust of A Tortoise
Dominic wrote this tale of love lost, and the occassional bittersweet reunion.

Cameron Kennedy: A P+B Hero
100 peeps. 6 cosmos. 10 trips with a 100 pound sandbag. Watch the immortal Cletus hover in anticipation.

Tales From the Sauna House
Everyone's favorite manly yet homoerotic writer The Wag tells a story of muscle and men who love it.

Black Belt Jones Tale of Terror

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